Grandma dug the ganj

i was a freshman in college. my folks (and my late grandmother) were visiting my dorm for the first time. we left to go have dinner, but before we went, i BEGGED of my roommates:

"hey, please hold off on smoking pot til later tonight. we're coming back this way after dinner and i don't want to walk in on a bong session."

they all concurred that would be a bad idea so they promised to chill out.

fast forward two hours... my folks, my grandma and i return. i open the door and IMMEDIATELY get hit with a megafortified blast of pot smoke. naturally, i panic, but before my dad even has time to give me the old evil parent stank eye, my grandma says:

"mmm. smells good in here. i like that!"

we all erupted in laughter.

and then went about our business.

i fucking miss my grandma.

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