Walk on that water, jeebus

a lot of people don't realize that the story of jesus -- the regurgitated hero story that is thematic among a wide array of cultures all over the fucking world where a dude is born of a virgin, performs miracles and saves everyone's soul -- wasn't even written down until 70 years after jesus was fucking dead.

considering that when i tell one of my six sisters something that's going on in my life, a few weeks later, by the time i talk to the sixth and final sister, the story is completely convoluted and totally fucked up from the original, i think that bullshit stories revolving around jeebus are just that:


dude didn't walk on water. dude didn't turn water into wine. dude didn't raise folks from the dead.

and no one can prove otherwise, so just deal with it.

(image via smbc)


  1. Odds are, he never even fucking existed in the first place.

  2. very possible he didn't, yes... but don't tell that to a delusionoid cuz he'll pull out his bibble and rattle of some memorized bullshit and claim it as TROOOOOOOOOF and you'll just walk away even more disappointed in our species.

  3. be prepared for those people. If they say it is true because it is writtten have your own bible at hand and show them the piece you have written in that bible. End of discussion.