Fuck the minivans... we should ban them all

i finally got around to watching that movie idiocracy that everyone has been yappin' about. it was a really stupid movie (i didn't even finish it i was so bored) but the premise is interesting... and pretty spot on.

the idea is that the stupid keep procreating, making more and more stupid people, while people with any sort of intelligence (being the careful, responsible folks we tend to be) are eschewing parenthood until later in life, or are at least consciously limiting their seeds while practicing common sense planning.

eventually, we'll be a society of morons.

if we aren't already.

i mean, we do live in a world where people have no issues blowing themselves up and killing innocent people because the invisible sky daddy they like is not the invisible sky daddy somebody else likes.

they're all fucking invisible. they're all fucking bullshit. and they're all making my planet an increasingly hostile place to live.

(via tcd)

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