The record holder for shortest amounts of time as record holder

one of my favorite runners right now is a fella named ian sharman. he's pretty likable. he's got a british accent, a friendly smile, and legs that know how to fucking run.

in fact, the man is a monster.

he broke a course record at the rocky raccoon 100 mile race in huntsville, tx with a time of 12 hours 44 minutes and fucking 35 seconds -- a fucking half hour faster than anyone had ever done it before.

he ran one hundred fucking miles in less than 13 hours. that is not fucking impressive, that is INSANELY impressive.

anyway, he set the record for marathon time run by someone in a spiderman outfit.

then, a week later, someone else beat his time.

but don't worry.

the man is fucking a monster.

he will return with a vengeance.

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