Bottom line is this:

"We think it’s a dangerous situation for institutions and ideas to be above scrutiny."
--church of the flying spaghetti monster

no fucking shit. i mean, that's the main thing that all the delusionoids seem to have difficulty understanding. if any other discourse can be freely questioned and/or peeled like a potato -- y'know, the way we do in math, science, geology, astronomy, etc. -- then why the fuck shouldn't we be able to question the fundamentals of the church?

we should. it's our fucking right.

and it's our fucking duty.

unfortunately, for delusionoids, whether they be christian, hindu, buddhist, muslim, jewish or whatevs, is that once you start questioning and looking for hard evidence, you realize you're on a hunt similar to those for bigfoot, santa claus and the boogeyman.

shit just don't add up.

and once everybody gets that, well, then the church will be dead (one can only hope).

- - -

while i enjoy the FSM website, i still think they're a bit too passive when it comes to callin' out the delusionoids for what they are (fucking crazy), yet, in the end, it's a very entertaining place. so check it out sometime.


  1. And when you set up your delusionoid religion, be sure to tell your followers that it will seem foolish to the unbelievers in order to protect yourself from smart people with inquiring minds.

  2. yes, by not making sense, only then will it make sense...