Avril lavigne can have all my paychecks, from now til eternity

one of the evident themes in my past romantic relationships is that my undying love for avril lavigne has been continuously met with cold hearted hatred and disgust. for some reason, the women i have been involved with have not met my avril fandom with welcoming arms. in fact, they have all been vehemently against it.

why? what the fuck is wrong with avril lavigne? she's hot. she's sassy. she's a total rocker chick with a rockin' bod and a rockin' voice. what's not to like?

i'm just gonna chalk that shit up to jealousy. hell, if i were a chick and my man got a bonerjam every time avril came on the tele, i guess i might harbor some jealous feelings myself. the difference is, i get over that shit real quick.

keep killin' it, avril! and y'all better enjoy the sexy body shots in this vid:


  1. Ahhhh. Yep, I feel inspired whenever I see her. Dang, she must be SHORT! LOL.

  2. women be shoppin! i think she's one of those will only get better with age... like alyssa milano and courtney cox.

  3. OMG, I've been in love with her since 2002 when she debuted. She is unbelievable. Actually the (ex)wife likes her too, likes her music and voice and style.