Wait, what?

funny shit as always from smbc... but, wait, what are they talking about in regards to "creationists got stickers in biology textbooks"? are they saying the textbooks our children use in school give weight to the beyond-absurd-sky-daddy-snapped-his-magic-fingers-theory of how the world came to be?


if this is true it calls for an all out REVOLT against STUPIDITY!

teach that shit to your own kids, but please, spare society from sinking along with your delusional ship.

good fucking grief.

(image via smbc)


  1. I believe that science textbooks used in some states got stickers added to them, at the demand of the delusionoids, suggesting that "evolution is just a theory, and there are other possible explanations" or some such nonsense. Yet another reason to keep your kids OUT of schools where politics trump education- which is always the case with government-run schools.

  2. Yeah, I used to know a biology teacher here in Foat Wuth who said when she got to the evolution section of her class, she was required by state law to read a state sanctioned statement that said pretty much what Kent said, i.e. the delusionoid mantra that evolution is "just a theory" and that there are other explanations (i.e. idiotic Christianity).

    Makes my fucking blood boil.

  3. i would be LIVID!!!! i don't have kids so i guess i missed this thing in the news, but good grief... this is infuriating! what if i demanded a sticker in books that says: "ZELIG SKYKILLER HAS A FORTY INCH COCK"!??!?!?!??!


  4. Well, start a religion that depends on that assertion and get enough followers and you could probably make it politically required. At least once you were long-dead and any contraDICKtory evidence had decayed...

  5. i'm on it, kent. thanks for the suggestion!