now here's somethin' we've seen before: a christian delusionoid talking CRAZY!!!

this misguided nutbag believes that her praying to an invisible sky daddy that no one has ever proven to be real got god to destroy japan with an earthquake, to wake those people up, to let them know they're going to hell if they don't get their jeebusy act together. (i don't expect you to stomach your way through the whole vid but try to get as far as ya can)

i don't think i'm being too harsh by saying people like this are a clear and present danger to society. from the get-go, they are fucking delusional... they have strength in numbers... and they really believe their delusions are true.

the irony here is, that they're not doing anything for "god"... they're doing it for themselves... so they don't burn and go to hell. "god" is just the way to protect themselves.

if only they knew... remedial biology.

(thanks to A for the vid)


  1. Well, THIS atheist's eyes are opened... to her incredible EVIL. Does this mean her prayers were answered? This is why I want NOTHING to do with Christianity or any other superstition.

    This girl's action (or wish) would fit my definition of evil: intentionally causing harm to innocent people - except she caused nothing; she was just hoping to cause harm to innocent people- by proxy, through her god.

    Of course, she doesn't believe they are innocent since she is delusional. In her sick and twisted mind the fact that they don't believe in the same god she believes in means they deserve to be harmed. And she even believes that she is being "nice" by wanting to scare them into believing in her god to spare them eternal torture. That she would sacrifice some lives (and send them to hell according to her twisted beliefs) so that others would be "saved" is "worth it" to her.

    If that's her idea of good, then she is worse than a Satan worshiper, since her god is indistinguishable from Satan (if he wasn't just as imaginary as any other supernatural critter). Pure evil.

  2. kent, you hit it square on the proverbial head. evil. that is what i call evil.

    and it saddens me.

  3. i hope she was trolling... i was given that link from a friend who thought it was real... i thought it was real. the truth is, people like this girl DO exist. i've met them. i'm related to them.

  4. Me too. I saw "Poe's Law" mentioned in relation to this video. I had never heard of it before, but it is so true.