It's all about geography, man

Sky God!'s resident liberty guru, kent mcmanigal, recently brought up something that my favorite dick has hammered home quite frequently, but one that never ceases to baffle the non-delusionoid sector (read: sane people), and that is:

when ya really narrow shit down, being a delusionoid is mostly about where you are fucking born, and you have no fucking control over where the fuck you are born.

born in iran? you probably love allah.

born in dubuque, iowa? you probably love jeebus.

born in tel aviv... or brooklyn? you probably love yahweh, or the beastie boys.


the next time someone tries to throw that holier-than-thou fairytale bullshit in yer face, remind them that the main reason they believe what they believe is based on geography, and nothing else.

seems like god would have to be a pretty devious muthafucka to doom one delusionoid to living in a medinah slum and another to getting fondled by father moynahan in a nantucket parish.

but what the fuck do i know? i don't believe in that shit.

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