Could ya bang a creationist?

in short, yes. i could bang a creationist. sex doesn't know anything about a woman's delusions. it's irrelevant. but, as a friend of mine is currently discovering, having a relationship with a creationist requires... um... well...

there's no way i could ever have a relationship (outside of fucking) with a creationist. it'd be like asking an antelope to hang out and enjoy the company of a lion. someone's gonna get eaten. and it ain't gonna be me.

i was just surprised to find out that creationists actually exist in my city. i met her the other day and the first thing i noticed was how pretty she was. then, how well spoken she was. then, how urban she was. when my pal told me later on that they'd been dating and that she literally believes that an invisible sky daddy created the world in seven days, just like the b-i-b-l-e says, i wondered if perhaps i'd had too many cocktails.

just goes to show that crazy comes in all sizes.

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