Adrenaline friday!

every couple of months or so i pull out the roots' things fall apart album and listen to it from start to finish. i remember the day it came out. the tour. being a part of the 'movement'. i was in college then... i was discovering true freedom for the first time... i was... in love having a lot of sex with the most beautiful woman i've ever met.

fitting too, as the movement was all about love. still is. and it's fucking friday, so do yourself a favor and listen to this song, "adrenaline", and love you some of that.

ah... see... i feel better already. and this weekend is gonna be super fun. i'll be out at the lakefront 50 mile race volunteering all day saturday. if you's in the chi, stop on by! and sunday i'm gonna be hitting the trails in the burbs... definitely gonna need some adrenaline to keep me goin'. lots of running adventures are on tap for the spring and summer.


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