Why do women do what they do????

i don't get it, my father doesn't get it, his father didn't get it and i'm just gonna assume HIS father didn't get it either: women and the shit they do sometimes.

now i'm not gonna get all sexist and misogynist here and attack women calling them all crazy. that ain't my game.

but i'd be a goddamn liar if i didn't admit to being baffled by their lack of logic sometimes. why would someone who broke my heart into a billion little pieces start having facebook conversations with my fucking father of all people? someone she never even met?!?!?! even more, why would she do that KNOWING good and well that my eyes would eventually see it!?!?!?

unless her goal was to purposely hurt me -- to pour more salt in an old wound -- there is absolutely no excuse for that.




and it makes me angry. here i am, feeling good about myself, feeling proud about where i've been and what i've become since that shitty day back in october... right about 100% and then BOOM -- a little reminder that i wasn't good enough for her... in the way of a in-your-face public FB convo with my fucking dad.

this isn't an isolated event... it has just boiled over.

why do women do what they do?

i haven't the slightest fucking clue.

and i probably never will.


  1. I have three possible explanations:

    They are insane.

    They are evil.

    They are clueless and have no idea they are doing anything wrong.

    If you have never read UncleBob's Treehouse I highly (very, very highly) recommend you browse some of his blogs dealing with "the sexes". He has a lot of observations on women that are right on the money. And read Desmond Morris' books "The Human Animal" and "The Human Zoo", too.

  2. thanks for the recommendations, kent! will definitely check 'em out!