Qi baishi... still a badass

i love art with the same passion that i detest religion. that much is definitely true.

when i was in college, then later living in china, i spent a lot of time studying daoism and i was struck at how useful its philosophy could be when applied to my own life (i eschewed the rites, rituals, rain dances and overall delusional aspects of the practical religion, of course).

basically, it's all about being one with one's environment, living in the moment, self-control, awareness, treating others as one would want to be treated. pretty much all ya need.

well, this philosophy is so evident in the works of the late great qi baishi, chinese master painter extraordinaire. what a fucking badass. with the simplest and lightest of brush strokes, he was able to create fascinatingly complex figures and scenes.

it may look simple... and easy. that's the point.

but let me assure you, there is NOTHING easy about creating masterpieces such as these:


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