I'm all over this thing...

democrat (for the most part), environmentalist, abortionist, fornicator, gambler, pervert (not the bad kind though, just your normal pervert), idolater (i have a thing for putting albert pujols up on a pedestal), liberal, high falutin (he spelled it wrong), sophisticated swine and sports nut.


but, i gotta agree, "emos" and "loud mouth women" are the worst.



  1. I see they left out a word after most of the items on their list.

    I mean, since " 's " is possessive, then they must be talking about a "homo's" something. I think the thing they were looking for is "homo's detractors", and probably about the same with each and every thing on the list.

    "Those who don't know how to use 's, why do YOU love the devil?"

  2. I'm so relieved to see I am not completely condemned- There is no listing for "Libertarian's", "anarchist's", "sovereign individual's", "voluntaryist's", "Skeptic's", "genius's", or other things that would include me.

    Which brings up a point: how did he manage to miss The Big Two- "Satanist's" and "evolutionist's"?

    (It caused me PAIN to misuse all those apostrophes!)

  3. Well it’s nice to see that I’m still going to hell with all of the other perverts, fornicators and people with a basic grasp of proper grammar.

    But sports nuts too? That's a new one on me. Is the sign's scribbler admitting that NASCAR isn’t a sport.

  4. y'all make some fine points.... I just hope the sign maker comes across like-minded "commenter's" someday.