Grandma thinks i'm gay

i'm 32 years old and single. very, very, very fucking single.

i have no plans to settle down and have a family.

i haven't dated anyone seriously for more than a few months in over a decade (well, there was that year long stint with bag-o-crazy, but i checked out early and just stayed on board for the incredible sex) and the way things are going now (or, rather, NOT going), i highly doubt there's gonna be anything to give my elders hope for a future where i pass down the family name.

it doesn't really bother me so much, but it sure bothers my grandma, who thinks i'm gay, because i don't have a girlfriend.

of course, she also thinks that running is going to make me die young, that a sandwich cannot be eaten without mayonnaise and that nothing has been good on television since hee-haw was canceled.


  1. lol! I get that shit too, why can't people just assume I am an unlovable spinster? Why I gotta be gay?

  2. HA! right on! unlovable spinsters and unsettled penthouse bachelors! if i were a delusionoid, i'd say AMEN TO THAT MA SISTUH, but i'm not so i'll just say *high five*!

  3. Well you could always show Grandma this blog...then a week later when she recovers her powers of speech she'd probably recant the gay comments, he he.

    In all seriousness, society puts too much emphasis on marriage and kids. Marriage is just one path (and it can be an amazing path if it's what you want) but it isn't the right path for everyone or even for most people. There's a lot to be said for a lifetime of swinging singlehood or serial monogamy or poly or whatever else might make a person happy.

  4. k -- i tip my hat to those who do it and do it right. for sure. takes patience and a whole lot of give/take.

    i think i'll pass on showing the blog to grandma. i want her to live as long as she can ;-)

    you're right on society and its dictatorship over these relationship stigmas. we both know it's a lot more complicated than fitting into stereotypes.

    follow thy heart. can't be wrong if we all just do that.


  5. Alright Zelig, you know that we agree on probably 90-something% of everything, but in the past two days you've attacked two sacred untouchables of mine: McDonald's and mayonnaise. Watch it, pal.

  6. lol, bl. my bad. actually, i've nothing against mayo... i just don't like the taste of it. spread away my friend!

  7. She thinks you're gay because you are gay.

  8. A better question is, why do you think you're not gay?

  9. ...says the "anonymous" pussy in denmark who downloaded the bruno pic -- NOT ONCE, BUT -- four times.

    yeah. i'm slick like that. i don't give a shit what you say about me, but at least have the balls to make up a fake name if you're gonna talk shit to a complete stranger.

    fo shizzle.