"God" had nothing to do with it

something that really gets my jockstrap tangled around my man-chain is when people do extraordinary things and then give all the fucking credit to the easter bunny santa claus god.

i've spent the last week laid up from running, recovering from the grueling 26.2 miles i covered earlier this month. and let me assure you... i did that 100% shit on my own.

no help from jeebus.

no help from invisible sky daddies.

no help -- other than encouragement from friends/family and fluids from race volunteers -- from any fuckingbody.

the message here?

take pride in your work.

if ya wanna give credit to sky daddy, consider proving that he exists first.

otherwise ya just sound.... er... stupid.

1 comment:

  1. For a guy that wants all the credit, God sure doesn't like to take any of the blame. Good shit happens and you thank God, bad shit happens and you excuse his bad behavior as being part of some omniscient plan. God sounds a like a selfish, jealous boyfriend to me.