Understanding sexy time... when young

i discovered my pops' playboy cache when i was about eight. it was like finding the holy grail.

from my earliest memory, i knew i was into chicks. i had a crush on every babysitter and i'd blush when they touched me... cuz i liked it.

but it wasn't until i found daddy's cache of skin shots that i really knew. it was bonerjam city, and i never looked back.

looking at those naked pictures became a somewhat regular habit of mine, for many years. it wasn't until we moved and i couldn't find his new hiding spot that i went without.

and, contrary to what the conservative right says about the naked body, i never thought it dirty. i never thought looking at those playboys was a bad thing. it was a good thing. it enlightened me, really. it made me bow down to the female form, to respect it for all its lusciousness.

some people call that objectifying... i don't. i call it admiration.

there's no reason to shy away from the truth of sex and there's definitely no reason to shield our youth from the realities of life. i'm not saying teach kids how the "plumbing" works as toddlers, but when kids ask questions about their bodies and about how babies are made, i think it's appropriate for us to tell them the truth and explain these things like we would anything else that is inherent to our being.

(image via ihmp)


  1. Yep. Sex and nudity are NORMAL. Sex play in kids is NORMAL. Trying to outlaw it and hide it is PERVERTED and creates a society of sexually deviant people who feel guilt over NORMAL things and who, in some cases, lose the ability to tell the difference between consensual acts between responsible people and sexual assault. The puritans seem to be intentionally engineering a society of dysfunctional people in order to claim "see, they need to have their sexual impulses controlled".

  2. My dad has a subscription to Playboy and didn't even hide it, he hung the centerfold pics up on the wall in our basement bathroom. It wasn't until I got older and my "friends" told me it was gross that I had any idea that people were weird about body stuff.

  3. just goes to show that we're hardwired correctly. it's the institutions -- the church mostly -- who want to control us, that teach us it's wrong.