This reminds me of...

... that time a christian delusionoid bombarded me with emails, trying to save my soul after reading one or two Sky God! posts.

he would write and write and write and i'd reply reply reply but he simply didn't listen to anything i was actually saying because he was being "driven" by the "voices" of invisible sky daddies (assuming jesus and "god" are separate? but wait, they're not... but they... nevermind). any other time someone does something crazy because "voices" tell him to do so, we -- as a learned society -- are quite quick to dismiss him as DELUSIONAL.

anyway, his main point for christianity being the be-all and end-all was that without it, there would be no moral structure for the universe. apparently he missed the tens of thousands of years that came before a bunch of old dudes found it was easier to control the masses by writing a propagandist book that didn't make much sense, but was fun cuz it had lots of sexy incest scenes???

but i'll never forget how worried he was... that, in a world without christianity... bestiality would run RAMPANT! he kept talking about bestiality... that without the bible as the true word of god, humans would fornicate with bears and dogs and horses!

seriously? this is what we're up against?

it just goes to prove that if you slam any old nonsense down a delusionoid's throat and attach it to "GOD", then dude will gladly (and blindly) accept, even if it's fucking ludicrous.


  1. Silly little Churchies, they have lived so long under the thumb of god that they don't realize you can live a good life without god. I don't believe in god and I have yet to murder or rape anyone.

  2. no doubt, st. p-swayze. in fact, in my experience, non-believers tend to be very kind folks. i think it's 'cuz we tend to adhere to the one and only life rule that is necessary: the golden rule. do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

    that simple.

    meanwhile, religious folks are blowing up buildings, killing people they disagree with, declaring jihad, spreading disease and unwanted pregnancies through the denunciation of birth control, etc etc etc.