Needing kara goucher

at least once a week i allow myself to be extremely pissed off that i'm not sleeping with olympic marathoner kara goucher.

a superior bundle of absolute CUTENESS, i melt every time i see her vibrant smile. she's on the cover of runner's world this month and she looks sexy as hell. i had to do a double-take, 'cuz damn!, girl just gave birth to her first child back in september.

i am very impressed.

normally, the elite female marathon body doesn't do it for me in the bonerjamz department. don't get me wrong, i'm a huge fan of deena kastor, paula radcliffe, shalane flannigan & co. but i also need some female curves (think: booty) to get groovin' and the above, as badass as they are, just don't have it.

kara does. at least... a little.

AND she's SO damn cute!

so in lieu of my kara-broken heart, here's an ode to my favorite female runner, in pic form, of course:

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