Pheidippides' bonerjam


wow. so... yeah, the marathon ain't no joke. i know now why pheidippides just fucking died.

at least we both share the common knowledge of victory...

i knew this girl once... she liked to be spanked, slapped... stuff like that. she enjoyed pain. i never really got that.

until i ran that marathon on sunday. i got my ass kicked by the beating 86 degree sun, the unforgiving hills at the most compromising mile markers. i got the shit beat out of me and i loved every last minute of it.

when i crossed that finish line i had absolutely nothing left. i was dead at the halfway point and i STILL managed to fight through that shit like a fucking champ.

in two and a half weeks i'm running the kentucky derby half marathon (with MY BROTHER IN LAW this time) and two weeks after that i'm hiking my ass up to the woods in wisconsin to run a 50 kilometer race (31 miles). not to mention the 50 MILER in july.

i'm so gonna get fucked.


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