Can't teach an old dog new weltanschauungs

i spent a weekend with my elderly grandmother recently. she may be set in her ways and cranky but she always means well and she is a really kind person. that being said, it can't be ignored that she's racist and has no tolerance for anything "new". her circle of friends is similar. small town country folk for life, their worldviews are just a bit skewed against what is typically considered normal (or at least politically correct) these days.

she and i joined four other old ladies for an afternoon of coffee and puzzling (those fucking things are hard to put together by the way) and one of her friends started yapping about that little girl who was molested by a TSA screener. instead of talking about the issue, this old lady said: "i can't believe a good american would do something like that. i could believe it if a muslim arab did that, but not an american."

um... lady, what the fuck?!?!? americans do awful shit every day. rape, murder, molest. what the fuck? since when does nationality make any difference in a person's propensity to do bad shit?

the really scary thing is that everyone else at the table agreed with her and then they talked shit about brown people for a good hour.

THAT, my friends, is pretty much the intelligence level we're working with here in this country. scary shit.

PS, the lady also mentioned that i should look up a christian author she likes who writes christian romance novels. yeah, thanks. i'll make sure i do that after i pull my testicles up and out through my shaft.

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