Finally took a penny

was at the convenience store and bought a banana. indian dude says, "dat will be one dollar one cent, please."

i have a $20 and a $1. that's it. so i panicked... THEN i saw the penny dish there... ya know, the one you put your unwanted pennies in.

i took one. handed it and the $1 bill to the man and walked out.

and as i walked down the cold, broad street, i realized: that was the first time in my entire fucking life that i've taken a penny out of the dish. first time. ever.

i'd put countless pennies in and never taken one out.

now i'm takin' them motherfuckers out every chance i get.

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  1. Never spend a pre-1982 penny. The copper in them is worth almost 3 times what the penny is worth. (The ones later than that are mostly copper-clad zinc and aren't worth near as much.) You can still give it if you want, but find someone who knows the worth to give it to.