Youth me

today i'm goin' down to texas. i like goin' down there. it's like... a museum... a museum of archaic, tired weltanschauungen -- a magical place where people believe in ghosts and sky daddies and virgin births.

they not only believe in it, they'll fucking kill ya for it.


but i also like goin' 'cuz two of my sisters live there. two of the younger ones (i have six).

when i'm around these two, i feel super young. and i'm always smiling.

spending time with them is like hitting the reset button on my brain. i always leave feeling refreshed, positive, and ready to take on the fucking world.

and that is fucking awesome.


  1. I'm in Texas and you're always welcome to stop by here. Of course, I'm way off the beaten path. Enjoy your trip! And post pics of your sisters! ;)