Projecting the iconic rogue

growing up, there was no one i wanted to be more than han solo. okay, maybe i wanted to be ozzie smith more than han solo, but just barely.

solo appealed to me because of his no-nonsense-let's-get-past-the-bullshit-and-lemee-get-the-girl attitude.

who doesn't wanna be a strapping rogue who defies all the odds?

i guess when it comes to ideal self-image, little has changed since my youth.

it's amazing what a blaster and a shitload of confidence can do for a man.



  1. It helps if an 11 foot angry, unkept hippie wearing a European man-bag who suffers from a major speech imediment got yer back...just sayin' it's easier to have balls when whipping out your Shwartz that way.

  2. This makes a lot of sense because every time I read one of Allen's RSBS posts I hear it in Chewie's voice...

  3. Han Solo is still, far and away, my favorite Star Wars character. He and Malcolm Reynolds are the type of person I would like to imagine myself to be.