Bein' single can be cool and all but...

... i'm not really interested in this fucking lifestyle anymore. i mean, i'm not sayin' i wanna jump into marriage and kids and shit like that... no. hell no.

but i'm pretty sure that i like having someone around i can make love to more than i don't like having someone around i can make love to. i don't like the uncertainty of having to go out on the hunt all the fucking time. i want to wake up to a woman who fires me up everyday, makes me stronger. does that make sense?

it does to me. but the problem is: it has all these provisions and nit-picky bylaws too. which is exactly what keeps me from finding the type of woman who will stick with me.

so, in essence, my own fucking desires cancel each other out.

and i end up watching replays of classic MLB games on a fucking friday night.



  1. I'm soon-to-be re-joining the bachelor ranks, and I'm not looking forward to hunt anymore. However, it does beat living with someone who takes you for granted and fucks your life up to the point where you don't know if you'll ever pull out of it. On the bright side, she gave me the best kids in the world. Just me, my kids, and baseball. Nothing else for awhile..and that'll be a good thing. Sorry to rant.
    P.S. Marriage does not mean you get laid more. Nor does it mean that person will be honest and loyal because of a fucking ring on their finger.

  2. welcome (back) to the club, michael. it's like riding a bike really.