Getting past the fallacy of "the one"

i'm almost embarrassed to think that i once subscribed to the theory that on this planet, in this life, in this dimension there is only one TRUE match, only one true lover, only one true 'soul mate' per individual.

i believed it 'cuz it sounds good... 'cuz it's romantic... 'cuz it's sensationalized.

but just like i did with religion one day, all i had to do was stop myself and ask: WHY DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE?

then, boom. felt like an idiot. felt stupid for injecting meaning where there needn't be any.

in this world, with billions of people spread across oceans and mountains and deserts... it makes absolutely no sense to think there's only ONE FUCKING PERSON out there who is "perfect" for me. just doesn't make sense. it's illogical. stupid. asinine.

my mind tries to kid itself, because my mind likes to put pieces together and my mind likes to feel like it's in control. it thinks it knows exactly what the fuck is going on, at all times, always. but when i step back and put my hand on my mind's mouth, to get it to shut the fuck up, reason takes over and it is very clear that my mind is the one at fault. it is very clear that, given time, it will heal itself into thinking logically again.

doesn't mean you're not gonna hurt and it doesn't mean you're not gonna feel like you got your fucking teeth kicked out.

but it does mean ya might wanna relax. chill out. there'll be more, tiger. there'll be more.

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