Do i believe in ghosts?

uh... yeah. just as much as i believe in talking snakes and flying sky daddies.

so, yeah. not that much.

not at all.

show me the proof. show me the fucking proof that when we die our souls live on, and some just can't stop hanging out in our terrestrial world. show me some real, fucking, scientific proof that this is how it works and i'll take into consideration the possibility that ghosts are real.

just as i would for religion, or any other far-fetched self-centered delusion.

the main caveat here, of course, is that no one can fucking prove anything of the sort.

yet the human mind is so stubborn that it simply won't let go of its asinine desire to create realities that aren't realities. thousands and thousands of years haven't been enough to dispel this nasty habit.

i just hope we -- as a species -- survive long enough for it to die out... so that one day (presumably far, far off into the future) logic will prevail above all else.

shit... one can still dream.

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