The first half

yesterday i completed my first official half-marathon. it was fucking awesome. and the anticipation i feel to run my first full marathon is unprecedented.

it's a mental challenge. a physical challenge. it's a fucking challenge. period.

and no sky daddies can help me.

in fact, lots of the runners were advertising their faith in jesus by wearing bible verses on their shirts, praying out loud during the run, and looking to the sky as if big papa would come down and help them through the aches and pains.

which begs the question:

WHY would you train so hard, strain your body, push yourself and then give credit to some invisible sky daddy!?!?!?!?

no. jesus didn't do shit. I DID ALL THE FUCKING WORK. I trained rigoursly. I pushed MY legs through the pain.

take some pride in your work, people. it's a very satisfying feeling.

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