Would you let a looney tune cut ya?

quick question: would you be comfortable with a surgeon operating on you who is also an outspoken christian delusionoid? would you be cool with knowing that the person responsible for cutting you open and putting you back together again really believes that there's an invisible man in the sky who hears his thoughts!?!??

personally, i wouldn't.

how could i be comfortable with someone so lazy that he couldn't check his sources cutting me up on an operating table?!?!?!

madness. just plain madness.

it takes years and years and years of study and practice and inquisitive behavior to become a licensed medical doctor. surely, at its lowest level, it requires a good chunk of intelligence.

yet somehow this intelligence easily falls to the outlandishness of "faith" when confronted by the cancers of religion. it's really, really, really fucking hard to un-brainwash someone.


  1. I fear anyone who is supposed to rely upon science when they claim to be religious. I just hope they are lying about the religious aspect in order to cater to their delusional customers. That's a big problem around here. Almost all business people, doctors and dentists included, have to talk a good game "for Jesus" or they alienate most potential customers.

    Once again it makes me laugh when I hear Christians talk about how they are persecuted for their beliefs in America today. If they think that's true, they should pretend to be an atheist for a while. I've been on both sides and I know there was almost zero persecution for spouting Christian stuff; I can't say the same about being an atheist. Even the mildest expression of disagreement with the religious status quo is met with hatred or marginalization. Every problem I encounter in life is pointed to as proof that God is unhappy with my disbelief. Back during my delusionoid days, any problems in my life were said to be a "test" by God, or a reminder by God to have more faith. Phooey on that crap!

  2. i'm with ya. these panderers are the ones who make it not okay to be logical. and that drives me FUCKING CRAZY.