A public service announcement from a fucking crazy train

it's people like this fella here and the slandering backwards philosophy he teaches that are setting back the world.

it's delusionoids like him who make it impossible for us to reach our furthest potential as a species.

sometimes i feel like there really isn't much hope -- that the immensity of immaturity of the majority "faithful" (whether judeo-christian, muslim, etc) is too strong a weapon for reason to overcome.

i feel that way because people like this dude exist everywhere and it is considered impolite to point out the unquestionable lunacy of his worldview, even though every single person with his wits about him can clearly see he is delusional.



  1. I am pretty "down" on government schooling, but it doesn't matter if a government school is teaching your kids that 2+2=5 or if YOU are teaching them that 2+2=6days of creation. Wrong information is wrong.

    I'll have to send you an applicable pic in an email.

  2. exactly... and the delusional are a hotbed for WRONG information disguised as morally correct.