Does god have a flan?

in the imaginations where "god" exists, i'm sure he's quite capable of having a flan. (flan is delicious, by the way. it is my go-to guilty pleasure.)

which reminds me, isn't it convenient that when things work out, delusional folks are quick to note that "god provides" and he often does so "according to his plan"?

so when TEAM A gets its brains bashed in by TEAM B, we can say that it was "part of god's plan" that one team get its ass kicked so brutally. this is, in essence, to say "god" favors one team over another.

just like he favors one people (western based judeo-christians) over another (muslims). right? i mean, that's what the delusionoids are sayin'.

and why does "god's plan" involve so much awful shit? children being molested, women being raped, hardworking folk losing their jobs, natural disasters destroying people's homes... why doesn't god provide in these times of need?

i think we all know the answer. it's just that some of us are okay with it, and some us are... well, DELUSIONAL.

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