What would jeebus do

my favorite fucking brits recently had an image challenge entitled "what would jesus do", which required participants to submit images of jeebus doing things as he would today, facing contemporary problems and scenarios. i'm going to share some of my favorites this week, with minimal commentary. they are just too funny.

before i let 'er rip though, let's really think about the inherent problems of christianity's slogan "what would jesus do".

if we are to actually do what jesus would do, assuming we know what he would do, based on the hypocrisies of the historically troubled and fact-bending bible, then essentially we are losing that free will that god (or jeebus or the holy ghost or whatever make-believe of the day) has "gifted" us with. if it's just about doing what god/jeebus/holy ghost would have us do then why give humans free will in the first place? and if god knows everything and is perfect and all that shit then why the fuck was he so stupid to introduce pain and suffering and hate and murder into a world that was supposedly perfect prior? to teach us a lesson? if he knew what stupidity would come at the hands of human thought and free will, then why did he not foresee this troubling paradox and just nip it in the fucking bud when he could?

answer: because it's all made up shizz from old fucks who thought the world was flat and that monsters lived in the ocean.

moving on... this:

(image via b3ta)

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