WARNING: Puke inducer

this is some heavy duty prayin' to end abortion. the second gal featured here pleads: "we ask that you would send a revival, god, and that you would have mercy on our souls, god, for the shedding of innocent souls, god" yadda yadda yadda.

why do they care so much about saving the unborn while the BORN innocents are subjected to the lies and hate and inherent intolerance of their "gospel"?

don't believe me? pick up a sunday school textbook sometime and see what kind of segregation from reality they teach their youth.

that's some stomach churning shit.


  1. I wonder how the praying delusionoid feels about the shedding of innocent blood of "brown people" in foreign lands by the US military. This sort of person is usually the biggest fan of killing post-birth people.

  2. not only that, but they only seem to worry about unborn "americans". she did go out of her way to make that distinction.

    fucking ridiculous. if they only concentrated the effort they put into talking to imaginary friends into something of real substance, who knows what kind of progress we/they could make.