Get ready for the cold by saying "FUCK YOU, COLD"

it's pretty dark when i lace up for my morning runs now. not only that, but that crisp, cool left jab of a chill is in the air too. that can only mean one thing: winter time is a comin'.

here in chicago, we have two seasons: hot as fuck and cold as fuck. our transitional period is usually filled with rain, wind and whatever else people don't like. but there's one thing to remember for those of us who live here: WE FUCKING KNOW IT'S COMING.

now, one can either get pissed off at that, or one can just embrace it and get off on being tough in the face of whatever mother nature throws at us. it took me about 4 years of moping and complaining and using the harsh winters as an excuse for being miserable before i realized that I AM THE MASTER OF ME.

all it takes is the right attitude, and we humans can pretty much psyche ourselves through anything. and that's exactly what i do.

i spit in the face of chicago's worst weather. FUCK YOU, COLD. FUCK YOU, RAIN. FUCK YOU, 40 MPH WIND.

you can't get to me, 'cuz i won't fucking let you.

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