To fan or not to fan?

i have found that there are two types of people in the world: those who sleep with a fan on no matter what the temperature and those who do not.

those of us who do sleep with a fan, we get others who sleep with a fan. it's just one of those things that's difficult to explain. i think i do it 'cuz i need the white noise, but i also like cool air blowing on me (i get hot easily) and i'm sure i could think of other strange reasons, but to try and explain them to someone who does not sleep with a fan, well, it never seems to get across.


  1. I have to sleep with black out curtains and a fan on, perhaps I should just buy a well ventilated coffin to sleep in.

  2. I can sleep with a fan or without. I like the white noise, but it isn't necessary. I like the cool air, too. Actually, I like to sleep in a cold room under wool blankets. That way I'm warm, but I'm breathing nice cool air.

    But I have slept on the ground (rocks and roots). I have slept in a tipi in freezing temperatures. I have woke up with my head half buried during the night by a gopher. I have slept in a couple inches of water.

    So, anytime I can sleep on a mattress, in a controlled environment, I am comfortable. And yet I STILL have insomnia a lot. I attribute it to sexual deprivation, but that can't be the whole truth, since even back when I had a willing sex partner I still had insomnia.

  3. ventilated coffin. i think i could sleep in one of those too. i often end up with the pillow over my head, blocking the light that creeps in.

    and, i have been pretty deprived myself lately but i still sleep like a baby. i think it has a lot to do with all the running though.