The selfish jeebus

whew. jeebus on the brain this week. oh well. shit happens.

jeebus has me down today because, well, long story short: his followers can be real selfish creeps sometimes!!!

one of my sisters got a tatt on her wrist that says "believe" in honor of our late grandmother who always reminded us to believe in ourselves. my sister posted a pic of the tatt on facebook, and a bunch of folks commented, yadda yadda yadda. but the comment that irked the shit out of me was from one of our aunts -- the grand master delusionoid of our family's religious faction -- as she wrote, "i like the 'believe' part but only believe in jesus".

what the fuck?!?

instead of letting my sister have her moment with her dead grandma online, aunt delusionoid has to come in like a wrecking ball for jeebus and put in her xtrian edged vitriolic bite.

she does this to me too. all the time in fact. and i'm fucking tired of it.

i'm tired of crazy trains thinking it's okay to tell others how they should fucking live their lives and not be called out for their lunacy.

black sheeped as i may be, i won't fucking standing for it.


  1. Sometimes its best to let those people say what they want, I assume your aunt has a holier than thou complex?

  2. OH YES. holier than thou, than they, than EVERYBODY. and if you don't fall in line then you're goin' STRAIGHT INTO THE FIRE.

    it's rather sickening.