Scare yourself

if you're like me, nothin' gets your blood pumpin' much like a good, old fashioned horror movie.

unfortunately, horror movies pretty much suck nowadays. or, maybe it was just that i was naive enough to be duped into those "horror" worlds when i was younger and now, as a realist, i see through the hollyweirdness of it all. for what it's worth, i think the last "scary" movie that actually got my heart rate up was the japanese version of "the ring" and even that was a stretch.

enter the interwebs.

if you REALLY wanna scare the shit out of yourself, follow this plan:

turn off all the lights. throw in a dark soundtrack (i personally suggest hans zimmer's the dark knight; start at the very beginning and let it play through). then read, from start to finish, ted bundy's wikipedia page.

i guarantee you you will jump at least once.

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