Statism and the fallacy of god

politically, i'm a left leaner, but the more i educate myself, the more i question the validity of the state.

my liberty guru wrote a great piece on the similarities between the two, and i think you will find it equally eye-opening.

the comment section gets a bit rowdy. i try not to get into arguments/debates where i am not well informed enough to be taken seriously, but i always marvel at those who do. one commenter went so far as to explain how god works.

i find it infinitely frustrating that believers say they know so fucking much about their precious, delusionoid GOD and how he works and why he does what he does... yet they can't seem to provide any elementary evidence of his existence.

that seems like a lot of wasted time and energy if you ask me, to spend so much time "understanding" and "knowing" something one can't even fucking prove is there.

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