One of those golden moments

i was at work and it was just one of those days where ya wanna slit your wrists with a rusty butter knife. the phone rings at 4:50 p.m. and from the caller i.d. i immediately knew who it was.  shit, i thought. now i'm fucked.

i had to answer it, but i knew i'd be on the phone for-fucking-ever and i wouldn't be able to leave work on time. so i hunkered down and endured.

30 minutes LATER!!!!!... i'm fucking losing my mind, the call is almost over, we have agreed that i would ship him some books... and he suggested i send it by airmail, that, in all seriousness, i "should use that company that tom hanks worked for before he got dropped on that island with that volleyball".

it took every ounce of muscle i had to restrain the laughter that wanted to fly out of my face.

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