Don't know how my pops does it

as a man, i am really, really, REALLY glad i don't have a daughter. with six sisters, i've already had my fair share of uber-nasty run-ins with would-be suitors, guys talkin' about what they'd do to them, and just plain dickfucks who've needed a talkin' to every now and then.

but being the father of someone whom half the planet really just wants to fuck, well, that don't interest me one bit.

i have a buddy who has two daughters and he is already paranoid about what the future will hold.

i don't envy him. i don't envy him one bit.

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  1. I guess the solution is to just accept that this is how humans have been selected to be over millions of years and it's nothing personal. Guys are gonna want your daughter just like you have wanted lots of other guys' daughters over the years. Yes, your daughter will have sex and the world won't end. Teach her to stand up for herself and then let it go.

  2. you're right. that's how it has to be done. i know so because so often i am that guy oogling a gal (who has/had a father somewhere) and there's no way gettin' around it.

    guess i'm just thankful i don't have to worry about it anyway.

  3. Psssst. Here's a little secret. The girls? They want to have sex with the boys too...or at least the hetero ones do and the rest, they want to have sex too but with the other girls. My point being simply that it's not as if all of this desire for banging is something awful you fellows inflict upon us, quite the contrary. If we just all teach our kids and younger siblings to know their own minds and make good choices for themselves, well then the next generations will be a lot happier and well and thoroughly laid with no hangups. That said, I am equally unlikely to be spawning so my theories on the subject will never be tested.

  4. women like sex?!?!? WHAT?!?!? this is news to me (half kidding).

    i hear what you're sayin', they just seem to be less piggish about it.

    i do like your theory on sex education though. sadly, i too, will not be spawning so i guess the universe is fucked.

  5. The only reason it seems that girls are less piggish (in the oogling, gotta have it sorta way) is that the sex standard is that boys pursue and girls resist. As a lady gets older she realizes she got the shaft in that equation. Shit, I fuck on the first date at this point in my life because that's really the whole point of dating anyway.

  6. pretty sure i've mentioned this before, but i sure wish the majority of females on this planet followed the st. p-swayze is my co-pilot philosophy.

    sadly, most do not... at least, in my small portion of the world they do not.

  7. I am trying to spread the gospel of awesomeness on D&E, I really am.

    Should just write a book called "Stop All This Nonsense & Get Back To Humpin"

  8. you write that book and i will pimp the shit out of it. promise.

  9. You know, I've met plenty of girls who followed the st. p-swayze philosophy. And they were invariably the happiest girls. The ones who act like sex is a weapon to be used against guys are the unhappiest girls. I know all too well. But I moved away from all the happy, friendly ones.

    Unfortunately, in this area of Texas, I can't find any happy girls. Only miserable, prudish ones. Send some happy girls my way. Please!?!

  10. believe me, if had such powers i would use them to spread the love.