Mission statement: there is no mission, just unloading

when i first started this SKY GOD! project, the idea was to simply create a space where i could speak my mind -- on any subject, at any time -- no holds barred.

still is.

someone asked me the other day: "what are you gonna do when you run out of bad things to say about religion on your little website (my italics)?"


my goal here is not to just point out the ill effects of religion... but i do it a lot because it's on my mind a lot, because it's fucking up our world A LOT and it has caused a mountainous divide throughout my family.

but the most important thing, for me, is having a place where i can write whatever the fuck i want whenever the fuck i want. it's groovy, man. try it.

i think that's fair. if you have "a little website"... then do whatever the fuck you want with it.


  1. I guess that commenter somehow missed all the other things you write besides the true things about religion.

  2. the comment came from a self-righteous uberchristian delusionoid, but i ain't sweatin' it.