Back to the drawing board? or get rich quick.

i haven't been on a date in a while. due to a hearty streak of awful experiences, i pretty much pulled myself out of it. i'm fine with that.

my online profile is still there, just in case... but i'm not actively tryin' to holla at interweb females anymore. not for now at least.

a friend of mine, new to the single world, suggests we start going about it the old fashioned way, by hanging out in bars and buying chicks drinks, chatting them up, etc.

i'm not really keen on the idea. a) i don't drink much b) i don't particularly like hanging out in bars and c) i don't think i really want to be in a relationship with someone who hangs out in bars to meet men, but then i realized i was being judgmental and resolved to be open to anything.

for example... we tried hanging out at the pool club in his building (a real swanky chi town joint), to meet women. they flock there. in droves. and the percentage of hot ones is higher than anywhere else i've ever been (outside of the new york subway system -- nyc has a hot chick over population problem). i kept racking my brain, trying to understand why there were so many hot ones at this one place. and then it donned on me: MONEY. 

fucking money. the place where he lives is pretty exclusive. he makes a handsome salary, so that's no surprise. once i made the connection, it made total sense. these women are husband-hunting and money is the name of the game.

i don't have a lot of money. i live pretty modestly. and as soon as those types of chicks find out i don't have any money (it doesn't take them long, believe me), they conveniently forget to return my phone calls.

i'm thinkin' it's time to rethink things.

or, better yet, stop thinking.



  1. Take my word for it on this one, you need a female wingman.

  2. hmmm... not sure how that would make the situation any better. regardless of the wingman's sex, i still don't fit that type the ladies were lookin' for.

    my point is that women be shoppin.