Knowing who you are

one thing i struggle with is being able to identify who i am rather succinctly. i think this harkens back to an older age, but it's always bothered me anyway, not knowing who i am.

we tend to be defined by what we do for a living. he's a banker. she's a chef. he's a bus driver.

i'm a... bookstore manager? that fucking blows. that's not what i wanted to be when i grow up.

so when people ask me what i am i just say "i'm a writer" or "i'm a runner", even though i make zero dollars doing those things.

to some that's cheating, but to me, that's surviving the question without breaking things. i wish i could make a living doing what i love and i'm trying to get there, but it's not easy. if it were easy, everyone would do it, right?

anyway, all the above came to mind after watching the young beat-machine prince, araabMUZIK throw down on his MP. there's no question what this dude is: A BEAT MAKING MASTER.

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