Running on the sun

as an endurance athlete, i think it's safe to say that i have some sort of strange attraction to pain. i crave it. i need it. i get it. while running a marathon (26.2 miles) might be enough for some folks, i need more than that. 31 miles isn't enough either. i think 50 miles is right in my wheelhouse... 100 miles is pushing it (that's my goal for 2012)...

but running 135 miles in 125 degree temperatures on a fucking ROAD in the middle of the summer? um... no. not interested.

for now, anyway...

but the real-life stories and individuals featured in this documentary entitled running on the sun (which is available for viewing free on YouTube), is so moving that i just have to share. this is part one. it's 11 parts long (feature length), but worth every second if you wanna know just how strong the human spirit can be. this is some real inspiring shit right here.

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