Real southsiders know how to be assholes

a while back i made mention of my new toys (the stanton turntables and mixer i bought during the winter) and how i was really going to learn how to use them, and... well... i'm happy to report that i have spent many an hour groovin' with my own eclectic mixes. so much frackin' fun!

in other words, me and the turntables = bonerjam city.

so anytime i see a record shop i make sure to stop in, 'cuz one never knows what gem is there to be discovered.

the other day i'm walkin' through my southside neighborhood and see the record shop (that is ALWAYS closed) is actually open, so i stop in.

no one is inside except a man behind the counter who looks pissed off... typical old blood southsider, seemingly pissed that the chinese and mexicans have slowly taken over his neighborhood. i stroll around with that i'm being watched feeling when finally he barks, "lookin' for anything in particular?"

"yeah, you have any hip-hop?"

this was followed by an eye-roll (the dude is white by the way, like old italian white... or irish white... dunno, is alcoholic a country?) and then he says, "what hip-hop? an artist? who?"

"nevermind," i said as i started out the door before a too $hort album caught my attention. i grabbed it. "yeah, like this. any more of this?"

he huffed and puffed, mumbled something and then led me to a small area that had... SOME BOMB ASS HIP HOP RECORDS!!!! flushed with joy, i grabbed a bunch and took 'em to the counter.

now, seein' all this loot i had, dude is finally nice to me... chatting me up, asking me how long i've been in the neighborhood, and all this shit while i pay for the goods... but why... why couldn't he have just been nice in the first place

southsiders have a bad reputation already... why make it worse? just fucking treat people the way you would wanna be treated!!!



  1. Reminds me of a little junk store I once went in. The guy actually had to come unlock the door to let people in when they tried the door. Then he followed me around the whole time I was in there- never said anything, just stared and followed.

    Also reminds me of the gun stores in one particular state where I lived for a while. Unlike the gun stores I was accustomed to in other states, all the ones in this state (at least all the ones I visited) were staffed by unfriendly, suspicious people who didn't want to actually sell anything. So, they didn't- to me at least.

  2. seems counter intuitive to me. why have a business if you're just gonna bully people away. makes no sense.

  3. Maybe they were not always like that. Perhaps the joy has left them, but inertia hasn't let them get out of their miserable situation.