Fleecing ad nauseum

i drink a lot of water. i drink mostly tap water... but when i'm away from home i will opt for the bottled water over tap.

maybe i should change that (and save some money while doing so).

here's a bit of truth about bottled water:


  1. I agree. Unless you live in LA. The tap water here does indeed taste like utter shit. And I'm pretty sure it contains the putrid remains of those the city has crushed under its foot.

    I get water delivered in those 5 gallon jugs the company reuses. So I've cut out the plastic bottles. But, not the evil conglomerate.

    I'd gladly drink tap if mine was drinkable.

  2. i just find it sad that we, as a people, are so easily duped into believing whatever big business wants us to believe... all to make a dolla and a cent. i'm just as guilty as anybody.

  3. I know. It's Brazil. It's also why I don't watch documentaries much anymore because they depress me, and if I wanna be depressed, I can find that right here at moi. Zing!