Geoff roes is still a running god

ultra running champion geoff roes finally lost a race. for the first time, he didn't win a 100 mile race that he entered (after winning his first seven, EVER).

but the dude is still a running badass.

the thing i've noticed about geoff, about ian sharman, about scott jurek and all my other favorite ultrarunners, including the ones i've met and run with here in the chicago area, is that they're all kind, nice, compassionate people.

without getting too mushy, that's what i strive to be as well. from running i feel more compassion for my planet, for life in general, for my species... running has this powerful ability to make me think positively, to want to love things.

it also makes me extremely horny, but that's for another day.

take a look at this awesome little minidoc about geoff roes and his running regimen... pay attention to his demeanor, his love for life. it's beautiful.

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