The mysterious and the not-so-mysterious dreams

i have some pretty common recurring dreams: threesomes, flying, getting arrested...

i have had them so often that i expect them now. they're not surprising and they don't illicit any special feelings and/or reactions anymore.

but the last few days have left me drained (in a good way) as i've been dreaming about running.

due to my injury, i haven't been able to run for well over a month now and it's really taking a toll on my mental stability. but when i woke up from a recent running dream i felt... good. i felt refreshed, as if i'd really gone out and logged 20 miles in the forest. not only that, but in my dream i was running faster than i ever have in real life, with infinite power and stamina!!!


i wish i knew more about dreams... what they actually are, where they come from, any possible healing attributes...

our minds are so fucking complex.

(image via skull swap)


  1. I dream about making-out all the time, my brain get a gold star for that.

  2. definitely gets a gold star for that!

  3. I've never studied this or anything, but I think some dreams are our subconscious working through issues we have difficulty working through consciously. I think your subconscious is comforting you with the reminder that you will run and run well again…although if dreaming about threesomes no longer illicits any special feelings or reactions, your subconscious may have its work cut out for it, LOL.

  4. i like that explanation... and i guess, on the threesome tip, i need to work harder! lol