Biting a clenched fist

for me, the most memorable scene in the godfather films is right after sonny finds out his sister was beaten up by carlo. in a fit of rage he bites his clenched fist, then immediately goes out and beats that muthafucka's ass.

been biting my clenched fist lately. a lot.

this time it was because my sister (whom i love dearly despite her christian delusionoid status) wrote this as her status update on facebook the other day:

"my son just said he wanted to talk to Jesus :0) so we said our prayers for [sic] at night. Love that kid!"

her son (my nephew) is just 2 and a half years old. he has learned, like a pavlovian dog, that when he mentions jeebus to mommy and daddy, he is rewarded. he knows not of how fucking stupid his parents are in indoctrinating him into such tyranny.

and i can't do or say shit (i tried. once. not worth it losing my sister over).


  1. Family makes things extra tough sometimes. You love them so much you can't let them go even when they continually make you crazy, nor should you. For what it's worth, I think biting your fist is the right thing to do. It allows you to remain a positive, present influence in his life when he's older and starts to question things. And having the contradiction to his parents logic of "Uncle Zelig is a good guy...but he's an atheist...but he's a good guy..." is going to naturally prompt some good questions on it's own. ...though if you do going flying over to your sister's in a rage, stay off the toll roads. They can be murder. ;)

  2. good idea. i think i will adhere to this bit of philosophy... besides, thirty some years ago, i was just like him and i made it out of the muck of idiocy.