I... am... RUN-NING!!!!

at the risk of sounding like a complete sap, let me just say that i'm back... and that all i needed was a good forty-five minutes of solid (yet careful) running to be reminded of how awesome it is to be alive.

my six weeks of rest seems to have been good to the meniscus in my knee.

and now, i'm not ashamed to admit that after two solid days in a row of running i am feeling quite emotional.

the body is an amazingly complex thing, never to be taken for granted.


  1. Awesome. Take it easy, but keep it up. It's funny, but these days I find I'm running less for the exercise (though I like that), and more for working off stress and releasing all those fun chemicals to clear my head and leave me in a better frame of mind.

  2. totally. i used to wear a watch and check my speed consistently, but these days i'm just happy to take it all in, to reconnect with that animal spirit we all have.

  3. Yay, I'm so happy for you! Take it slow for a while and enjoy. I don't think that's being a sap. I finally worked up to closer to a real bike ride today myself and I am still giddy about it even though I'm icing my knee this afternoon. Being back feels awesome.